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At Abiie, we believe the parent-child connection is the foundation on which this world is built; it is the earliest and most integral bond we humans make. Parents build their lives around that closeness, and it’s what our company is built around too, because we know that fostering that kind of loving bond can sometimes be tough in the application- after all, there’s the constant interruption of all the stuff in between- packing diaper bags, loading and unloading strollers, messy mealtimes, the varying stressors of being on-the-go with a baby- you know how it goes.

This is why we have gathered a team of skilled engineers who are fully committed to enhancing that family connection by providing products with the most practical possible functionality- the solution to both potential and fully realized difficulties during mealtimes, travel, and life in general with a small child. It’s our aim to minimize your load by providing products that are intuitive, safe, and luxuriously stress-free. We believe that with these products, you’ll be free to drop some of the hassle of parenting life, and enjoy the new space opening up for that deep connection with your child. It’s what makes you good parents. And it’s what makes us Abiie.