Glitter & Spice Accessories Inc.

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Glitter and Spice Accessories Inc. is a Canadian company who creates modern teething accessories to help relieve the difficult stages of teething that babies go through. We take pride in our modern designs, functionality and safety of our products. Teething might be ugly, but the solution doesn’t have to be. When our founder’s youngest started teething, she was inspired to find a teething solution that was safe and stylish. That’s when she created Glitter & Spice Accessories Inc., a solution for modern day parents to provide their babies with something safe and fun to chew on.

Our modern and adorable teethers are perfect for little hands and mouths! Chewing creates pressure on the gums which is an important part of alleviating the discomfort caused by their emerging teeth during the tough teething period. Textured on both sides, our teethers provide maximum relief for baby’s sore teething gums. Our bright and playful designs engage babies, while providing visual and tactile stimulation which helps them to learn! Teethers can help develop the muscles in the mouth, control drooling, improve their ability to grasp, and improve their hand to mouth coordination.